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5 Actions you need to Take After a Slip and Fall Incident in New Jersey

One minute you are walking along, and the next you are on the ground! It can be hard to get back up from best Jersey City personal injury lawyers. The way in which your body lands can also contribute to significant injuries. They can range from cuts and bruises to broken bones or a head injury.

Report it and Call an Injury Lawyer in Bergen County

Always report any slip and fall incident directly to the best Jersey City personal injury lawyers immediately after it has happened. If it occurs at your place of employment, a workman’s compensation claim needs to be started.  You have only a couple of days to do so from the time of the accident so don’t put it off. If it occurs at any other location, make sure a manager or property owner is immediately notified of the situation along with your personal injury lawyer New Jersey that you have chosen. When you report, don’t answer questions such as are you hurt or do you feel OK? If something doesn’t right later, that can work against you. Save those details for a car accident attorney in Middlesex County.

Witnesses are Important in Personal Injury Cases

Who was with you when it happened? Did anyone you don’t know come over to help you? Were there bystanders who watched? Try to get names and contact details for people if you can. You may not be able to do this, but ask someone around you to do so if they can. It can be useful to take photos of those around you so you can remember who all was there if it is a familiar setting with familiar faces.

Document for Personal Injury Lawyers in Passaic County

Try to write down or voice record as much as you can about the incident so you don’t forget the details. Where were you and when? Who was with you? What was around you? What were you doing? After the truck accident New Jersey, did you notice anything that was a risk factor such as liquid on the floor? Try to keep a record of all of it so you can provide those details when necessary.

Seek Medical Care in Hudson County

Don’t try to be a tough guy when it comes to slip and fall incidents. Some people are embarrassed by them so they don’t want to make a big deal. Yet your body can be very sore afterwards. Often, you may be able to get up from the ordeal, but in the days that follow you start to realize something just isn’t right. Go to the ER or see your doctor right away and then make sure you also have a follow up appointment. These will become extremely appointment when preparing for a personal injury case in Morris County.

Contact a Qualified Accident Attorney

It is important for you to contact a qualified accident attorney in Essex County as soon as you can after the slip and fall takes place. Important evidence can be lost if you wait. For example, they may be able to obtain video footage of the event as it took place. However, if they don’t ask for that information timely, it may already be deleted and lost forever. It is important to gather information and keep the best Jersey City personal injury lawyers in the loop at all times of any details.